Sevane Mary sings Lili Marleen.

September 27th, 2014
Limited edition of 10 hand cut 7" vinyls with original artwork by Servane Mary.

Limited edition of 10 hand cut 7″ vinyls with original artwork by Servane Mary.

Click here to play Lili Marleen.

I had the pleasure of recording Servane Mary, Jose Martos, and Gianni Jetzer, for Servane’s contribution to a group show next week in France. Servane chose the song Lili Marleen, written first as a poem in 1915 by Hans Leip and latter set to music by Norbert Schultze in 1938. The song has been widely called the most popular song of World War Two, and has been recorded and re-recorded ever since. While made popular by a German broadcast from Radio Belgrade, singer Lale Anderson’s version, became anthem for soldiers on all sides of the conflict, from North Africa to Leningrad. Marlene Dietrich popularized the song which became a staple of her shows until the day she died. In the past 70 years the song  has been translated into English, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, and many other languages. It is a simple and poignant love song of love and war, longing and hope.

I’m very fond of Servane’s version recorded in my art studio a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to add her ink-jet on safety blanket edition(10 total) to the Never Records Library.











Here is an interesting BBC short about the song which includes a British propaganda version of the song.
























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