SJ Downes Never Records film Tour diary.

July 16th, 2013

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Its been two years now since New York artist Ted Riederers’ NEVER Records came to these shores for the 2nd installment in Derry, Northern Ireland. On this occasion in May 2011, he was joined by friend and photographer Jason Wyche who felt that this project might provide the perfect platform for an exploration into film making and video, and together over the following weeks they set out, Ted recording the community and cutting the sounds and audio to vinyl and Jason documenting the proceedings and performances in visual form. Over the following time till now they have lovingly edited all the footage and created a film documentary, detailing the process, effect and joys that NEVER’s visit to Derry had, entitled ~ NEVER Records “You Are Not Listening”.

After premiering the finished film in April 2013, Stateside at the Victoria Film festival in Texas, winning ‘Best of Fest’ award, the guys deemed it only right to return to the U.K to reconnect with friends and collaborators and show the film at choice venues along the way. With a lack of funding available the guys bravely decided in true DIY spirit, to just come across anyway and what came about in the planning of a few independent screenings, then became whats best described as a mini-tour road trip. With film screenings and live shows planned at Liverpool, Derry and Belfast, we arranged to meet at Manchester airport and make the journey, 5 man strong including girlfriends/wives, in my small trusty motor from town to town via ferry to Ireland.

First up, was Liverpool. This was where NEVER Records first touched ground in September 2010, cutting records after an initial display in New York’s abandoned Tower Records building, and was also where i first met Ted, whilst living there. Andrew Ellis (samizdat) who helped so much in making the original visit a success, arranged for the screening and live sets at the ( in my words ‘epic’) Camp & Furnace bar/project down on Greenland Street and our talented friend Helen Weatherhead who works as assistant producer at Radio 6, and interviewed Ted first time around for a great article, arranged for some great promotion in the form of an interview and radio ad which went out the next day on the airwaves.

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